What I want to know(and I know the answer), is why didn’t the Democrats propose a budget way back in June of last year?


Steny Hoyer said they will not pass a bill until they consider the recommendations in the president’s fiscal commission,” resolution will endorse the goals of the president’s fiscal commission.” Guess how many actions the fiscal commision recommended ended up in the Democrats budget bill? ZERO


The reason the Democrats didn’t pass a budget bill, when they could of easily done so, when they had control of both the House, Senate, and the Presidency?
They did not want to pass it before the elections, because they knew, their lack of fiscal responsibility would of fried them in the elections. Simply irresponsible.



go figure…..and not surprised.
I thought the liberals were going to lead the charge on turning down the Rhetoric?! The facts got in the way though, they are the real hate mongers, that want to destroy free speech that is contrary to their views.




Well, former KKK member Sen. Robert Bryd, passes away, and the administration ordered the flags to be at half mast for this great racist. So why the hell are our flags at half mast for this man? Some would say, oh, he disavowed his former Klan beliefs as the mislead beliefs of his youth. If that was true, then why did he filibuster the civil rights act of 1964, with other Democrats like Strom Thurmond? I wonder how many people were lynched under his leadership as a exalted cyclops of the KKK? Too bad he couldn’t of received the same fate as his possible victims might of, swinging from a tree.

Right Mr. Hank Johnson, BP will influence elections, oh wait, they already did, their biggest donations went to Obama and the Democrat party. Your right we don’t want Goldman Sachs to influence elections do we Hank? Oh damn, too late for that too, since they gave over 1 million dollars to the Obama campaign.

Crazy I got that info from the Huffington Post, you know shit’s f’d up when the Huffington Post is pointing out Obama’s corrupt campaign financiers, and who would of ever thought I was quoting the Huffington post, this must really be the end times the spoke of in Ghostbusters, “mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together!”


How about we look at the breakdown of Goldman Sachs’ contributions to Democrats and Republicans?

Wow, looks like Goldman Sachs has been favoring Democrats by a 2:1 margin, Mr. Johnson, and with the Democrats bailout, it looks like the Democrats have “favored” Goldman Sachs as well!

Jeez, how did campaign reforms prevent that Mr. Johnson? I mean these “Wall Street Fat Catz” can’t be all that bad since Obama employs more than a handful of them on his own staff, including advisors to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner, or Gary Gensler a Goldman Sachs partner who is Obama’s head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or how about the $80,000, Rahm Emanuel has received from Goldman Sachs, during his stint in Congress?


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FCC Urged to Police ‘Hate Speech’ on Talk Radio | The FOX Nation.

As one commenter, Glocca Morra, on the story said, and I couldn’t say it better,”It’s starting! Who is to decide what is hate and what is not? the ones who will be censored(silenced) , are the ones with a differing opinion than the current administration. Control the spread and type of information and you control the power..Beginning to sound a little bit like 30s Germany..”

They can’t come up with one lick of evidence taken in context that can constitute hate speech, perhaps the truth, oh yes the truth, well we do know that is one thing these progressive and socialists are afraid of, is the American public finding out the truth, that yes they want to fundamentally change America, into the socialist Utopia they so crave.. Now tell me even if me or another blogger or someone else calls a socialist,  a socialist how is that hate speech? I mean they(the current Obama administration) are socialists, or perhaps they perfer to be called progressive, which is just a socialist by another name, I mean the Nazi party patterned their own propaganda machine directly from the American progressive party.

Oh, our favorite trotsky-ite super progressive liberal over at CNN is one of the one’s calling for GOP Chairman Michael Steele to step down, with of course, quotes from notable, oops wait they are generic unnamed sources such as: “one GOP strategist” and the ever popular “one GOP operative”. With such great sources for her opinion piece of “Republicans” calling for the ousting of Mr. Steele who couldn’t believe her? It’s amazing because you’d think you would hear the same stories on Fox news about the party wanting Steele out, especially since the Obama administration alleges it is the mouthpiece of the RNC, eh? That isn’t so though, even on CNN Former NYC mayor and Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Gulliani said that Steele should clean up the party and continue on as he has been doing a good job. So it leads one to ask is it Republicans that want Steele out or the Democrats and libs at CNN like Gloria “Blowhard” Borger that want Steele out of there? Man, maybe the RNC should do like the dems and cry Racism, how dare they criticize Mr. Steele with their racist vitriol!

Personally I don’t care if they spent $1900 at a Lesbian themed bondage club to gain doner dollars, heck wish I was there, but what I think Mr. Steele needs to do is fire the ones that did authorize or have a part in any outrageous expenses, and tell them “Yes I am the head of the party so I am responsible, responsible for correcting the problem, and the ones that did it are fired and I will make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Then it should be end of story, and he can continue the good job he has been doing.

But, we know it eats the Dems up inside that the RNC has a strong black leader at it’s helm.

Bad timing for GOP: Steele’s faux pas and RNC meltdown


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United States of Socialist America

While most of America is wrapped up with college kids shootin’ hoops at least someone is looking to fight government takeover of 20% of our economy.
With Joe biden being quoted as saying,”We will take over the insurance companies” and Nancy Pelosi saying we will kick in the door with this bill and that there will be mo…re legislation to follow, and the fact that college loans will also be wrested from the freemarket to governmental control, we are closer than ever to a government designed on Karl Marx’s principles instead of our founding father’s principles. I urge everyone to contact your representatives and tell them to vote no on obamacare and preserve our country’s Individual freedoms, otherwise America could be waking up on Monday morning to the USSA, United States of Socialist America.