Jon Huntsman’s secret life as a Progressive

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Washington Examiner: Jon Huntsman’s secret life as a Progressive

Not my Candidate!!


Listen people don’t get on board with his guy, he is Bush/McCain Republican Progressivism 2.0. It’s the progressives’ normal bait and switch, you get tired of the current progressive regime, then they put a progressivelite Republican in office to still further the progressive statist goals, but you think you voted for a conservative. There is a reason,”Lady Lynn de Rothschild” a former Hillary Clinton supporter, just held a 1.2 million dollar fundraiser for Huntsman. Don’t let the progressives try to sneak another Big government, statist under our noses like they did for the last 3 Republican Presidents/Candidates(Bush sr., Bush jr,  and McCain.) There is a reason that the media is in love with him, because he is a progressive, not a conservative. I mean just look at this from the Washington Examiner,

“He’s been endorsed by no less a far-left liberal than former-President Jimmy Carter, and he has called Obama “a remarkable leader” who provides a “brilliant analysis of world events.” Like clockwork, the media elite are doing their part. Time Magazine has an article this week titled: “Jon Huntsman: The Potential Republican Presidential Candidate Democrats Most Fear.”



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