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Washington Examiner: Jon Huntsman’s secret life as a Progressive

Not my Candidate!!


Listen people don’t get on board with his guy, he is Bush/McCain Republican Progressivism 2.0. It’s the progressives’ normal bait and switch, you get tired of the current progressive regime, then they put a progressivelite Republican in office to still further the progressive statist goals, but you think you voted for a conservative. There is a reason,”Lady Lynn de Rothschild” a former Hillary Clinton supporter, just held a 1.2 million dollar fundraiser for Huntsman. Don’t let the progressives try to sneak another Big government, statist under our noses like they did for the last 3 Republican Presidents/Candidates(Bush sr., Bush jr,  and McCain.) There is a reason that the media is in love with him, because he is a progressive, not a conservative. I mean just look at this from the Washington Examiner,

“He’s been endorsed by no less a far-left liberal than former-President Jimmy Carter, and he has called Obama “a remarkable leader” who provides a “brilliant analysis of world events.” Like clockwork, the media elite are doing their part. Time Magazine has an article this week titled: “Jon Huntsman: The Potential Republican Presidential Candidate Democrats Most Fear.”



Haha, I agree with Wesley Clark you could think of the military as the purest application of socialism there is, but what he fails to say, is that it is also the purest form of totalitarianism. See for socialism to work you need to have total control of the populace. Think what happens when you step out of line in the military, you will pay, the liberal fascists want to apply that to your daily lives. Want to have a free thought? Want to do what you want to do, when you want to?  Think again, not if socialists, liberals, progressives whatever you want to call them, (they are all followers of Marx) get they’re way.
P.S. The healthcare system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either, want a composite filling on that molar? not a choice for you. Need to get your sick baby to the hospital, but your closer to one that isn’t covered under tricare, but it’s a matter of life and death for your child? Better hope your baby makes it long enough to get to that Hospital that’s in your plan. And unlike Army doctor’s think Ibuprofen does not fix all your problems..

Oh, I didn’t even touch on the eugenics aspect of his statement. See in the army if you don’t make the grade, you are cut/booted out. Wow so do you think the army being a great blueprint for socialism as Wesley Clark expressed, that socialists would like to determine whether you make the grade enough at life to justify your continued existence? Well in fact they do! Look up Fabian Socialistsvvvvg, what we would call today a modern progressive.