Democrat Hank Johnson: We Have To Pass This Bill To Make Sure Republicans Don’t Get Elected

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Right Mr. Hank Johnson, BP will influence elections, oh wait, they already did, their biggest donations went to Obama and the Democrat party. Your right we don’t want Goldman Sachs to influence elections do we Hank? Oh damn, too late for that too, since they gave over 1 million dollars to the Obama campaign.

Crazy I got that info from the Huffington Post, you know shit’s f’d up when the Huffington Post is pointing out Obama’s corrupt campaign financiers, and who would of ever thought I was quoting the Huffington post, this must really be the end times the spoke of in Ghostbusters, “mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together!”

How about we look at the breakdown of Goldman Sachs’ contributions to Democrats and Republicans?

Wow, looks like Goldman Sachs has been favoring Democrats by a 2:1 margin, Mr. Johnson, and with the Democrats bailout, it looks like the Democrats have “favored” Goldman Sachs as well!

Jeez, how did campaign reforms prevent that Mr. Johnson? I mean these “Wall Street Fat Catz” can’t be all that bad since Obama employs more than a handful of them on his own staff, including advisors to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner, or Gary Gensler a Goldman Sachs partner who is Obama’s head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or how about the $80,000, Rahm Emanuel has received from Goldman Sachs, during his stint in Congress?

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