FCC “Gestapo” Urged to Police ‘Hate Speech’ on Talk Radio | The FOX Nation

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

FCC Urged to Police ‘Hate Speech’ on Talk Radio | The FOX Nation.

As one commenter, Glocca Morra, on the story said, and I couldn’t say it better,”It’s starting! Who is to decide what is hate and what is not? the ones who will be censored(silenced) , are the ones with a differing opinion than the current administration. Control the spread and type of information and you control the power..Beginning to sound a little bit like 30s Germany..”

They can’t come up with one lick of evidence taken in context that can constitute hate speech, perhaps the truth, oh yes the truth, well we do know that is one thing these progressive and socialists are afraid of, is the American public finding out the truth, that yes they want to fundamentally change America, into the socialist Utopia they so crave.. Now tell me even if me or another blogger or someone else calls a socialist,  a socialist how is that hate speech? I mean they(the current Obama administration) are socialists, or perhaps they perfer to be called progressive, which is just a socialist by another name, I mean the Nazi party patterned their own propaganda machine directly from the American progressive party.


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