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Oh, our favorite trotsky-ite super progressive liberal over at CNN is one of the one’s calling for GOP Chairman Michael Steele to step down, with of course, quotes from notable, oops wait they are generic unnamed sources such as: “one GOP strategist” and the ever popular “one GOP operative”. With such great sources for her opinion piece of “Republicans” calling for the ousting of Mr. Steele who couldn’t believe her? It’s amazing because you’d think you would hear the same stories on Fox news about the party wanting Steele out, especially since the Obama administration alleges it is the mouthpiece of the RNC, eh? That isn’t so though, even on CNN Former NYC mayor and Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Gulliani said that Steele should clean up the party and continue on as he has been doing a good job. So it leads one to ask is it Republicans that want Steele out or the Democrats and libs at CNN like Gloria “Blowhard” Borger that want Steele out of there? Man, maybe the RNC should do like the dems and cry Racism, how dare they criticize Mr. Steele with their racist vitriol!

Personally I don’t care if they spent $1900 at a Lesbian themed bondage club to gain doner dollars, heck wish I was there, but what I think Mr. Steele needs to do is fire the ones that did authorize or have a part in any outrageous expenses, and tell them “Yes I am the head of the party so I am responsible, responsible for correcting the problem, and the ones that did it are fired and I will make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Then it should be end of story, and he can continue the good job he has been doing.

But, we know it eats the Dems up inside that the RNC has a strong black leader at it’s helm.

Bad timing for GOP: Steele’s faux pas and RNC meltdown