Posted: February 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Judd Gregg and Peter Orszag Confrontation

As per request from ArmedBear, I have been posting most of my political commentary and links on my facebook and not this blog so here goes a little mini-update.
This video linked from the 9/12 project page, I have also posted my comments about a little digging I did about White House Budget Office Director Peter Orszag:

I really like that Glenn is promoting books like Fredrich August von Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, I think anyone that is a student of economics or interested in personal liberty, the freemarket or economics should read this.
Unfortunately I am sure our White House Budget Office Director Peter Orszag has not read this book, I decided to use the best reference material I could find on the internet(sarcasm) wikipedia haha, and see what our little buddy Orszag is really about.
Newly married to ABC financial reporter Bianna Golodryga, I guess we won’t expect any kind of unbiased financial reporting from ABC any time soon.It seems Orszag attended the London School of Economics, the LSE is dedicated solely to the study and research of social sciences with a very selective undergraduate admissions system, seems pretty prestigeous eh? Until you look at who started this school, none other than our friend that Glenn Beck highlighted on some of his recent shows, George Bernard Shaw. Not only Shaw but two other Fabian Society Socialists are the ones who started this school in 1895 with funds from another Fabian Society member Henry Hunt Hutchinson. Well it seems that it is very evident any WHBO analysis is at best suspect, if not fully complicit with any progressive agenda that BHO is putting forward

  1. That guy being grilled is a real weenie. I’m sure he shakes hands like a dead fish. Unless he qualifies his statement with “If congress amends the law..”, it is clear he doesn’t give a crap about what that particular law says and, (like his parent administration, plans to do what they want; legal or not.

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