Jack Murtha: An Insult to Our Democracy

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

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Obviously this fat traitorous pig, thinks nothing about the Constitution or any of the rules set out that Congress must abide by. If only it was a different era this man would be tarred and feathered!  The only reason that I can think that Pennsylvania voters still put this guy in office is because the fat porkulus that he puts into appropriation bills  for his state. In all perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars for ex-staffers stolen from monies that would fund our troops according to the Washington Post article.
I really hope that Pennsylvania voters finally realize Jack Murtha’s completed disregard for our American troops, our constitution, and ethical practices. They can make their voices heard in 2010, when they can vote for former  Lt. Col. William Russel. What an awesome turn of event s that would be for the American people! Michelle Malkin and the National Review Online outline our best hope! Lt. Col. Russel to the Rescue!
  1. ArmedBear says:

    if there was ever a constitution ignoring douche bag in congress, that guy is IT!

  2. ArmedBear says:

    A Democrat ignoring the Constitution??? They don’t do that, do they???

    He sounds like Saddam when he said “The law is anything i write on a piece of paper!”

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