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Obviously this fat traitorous pig, thinks nothing about the Constitution or any of the rules set out that Congress must abide by. If only it was a different era this man would be tarred and feathered!  The only reason that I can think that Pennsylvania voters still put this guy in office is because the fat porkulus that he puts into appropriation bills  for his state. In all perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars for ex-staffers stolen from monies that would fund our troops according to the Washington Post article.
I really hope that Pennsylvania voters finally realize Jack Murtha’s completed disregard for our American troops, our constitution, and ethical practices. They can make their voices heard in 2010, when they can vote for former  Lt. Col. William Russel. What an awesome turn of event s that would be for the American people! Michelle Malkin and the National Review Online outline our best hope! Lt. Col. Russel to the Rescue!

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Cleaver and Clay, like other Congressional Black Caucus members, have come out against the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).  From, “Watch Dog Comes Back to Bite Democrats.”

hmm I wonder why..

Is it because Charles Rangel can’t seem to remember to claim the 1 million in outside income and up to 3 million dollars in assets on his tax return? Or is it because as article reports,The OCE looked into whether the travel that Rangel and four other CBC members took to the Caribbean, was improperly sponsored by corporations in violation of new House ethics rules Democrats imposed.  Namely their let’s praise Marxist Leader Fidel leg of the journey to Cuba.

I couldn’t sum it up better than,Hannibal from the A team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

P.S. Michelle Malkin is hawt!

Twitter saves free speech in UK.

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This article was brought to my attention from a tweet from GB_joe, who is Glenn Beck’s producer.

Twitter saves free speech in UK

He points out,”UK as govt tried to ‘black out’ embarrassing news-first China, Iran, UK; US next?” This just underscores that we, all citizens, need to be vigilant against those who wish to suppress free speech.  A good example are those that want to shut down Talk Radio, or any kind of dissent against the left by enacting the “Fairness Doctrine” it has not gone away, it has just changed faces.  Mark Lloyd, (Obama’s new Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Chief Diversity Officer) is the new face of suppression of our First Amendment rights.

Newsbusters and the Media Research Center outline just some of the latest attacks on our free speech.

Kind of Amazing, this from a Danish newspaper, points out it was the current Administrations arrogance and disrespect that lost Chicago’s bid for the Olympics. I post this to show an unbiased international source, that refutes the absurdity that Libs are putting out there, “Oh my God, it was because of Bush that we lost the Olympics!” Obama is his own man, when is the left going to take responsibility for themselves, 4 years from now are we going to hear it was because of Bush?

Regardless, it’s a first for South America, and a great feather in the hat for Brazil. Really would we rather see shots of the “scenery” on the Brazilian beaches during the Summer Olympics or side stories about how honor students and athletes are getting beat over the head with 2x4s from rampant urban gangs.

Rio won – Obama lost – Copenhagen

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Talk about highly unconstitutional Orwellian tactics. If this bill is allowed to pass, let alone inacted, welcome to the precursor to a police state!

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Wow, I am not even sure what to say about this. I just hope people are staying involved and paying attention to their child’s education and holding their teachers and administrators responsible for grossly unethical indoctrination of our youth.

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