Violent Teabaggers! Oh wait those are G20 Left wing nut jobs!

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

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Here’s those right wing violent protestors holding signs and chanting! Oh..wait..No..oops that’s a malatov cocktail flying by, and business windows being smashed in and cop cars being destroyed, I’m sorry these are Left wing nut job violent protestors.  Who would of guessed?

Funny how these violent protests happened a day after avowed Socialist Michael Moore’s premier for Captialism: A Love Story, perhaps fueling the vitirol in these protestors, is Michael Moore complicit with the violence that happened in Pittsburgh during the G20 meeting? He hasn’t come out against the violence so he must be. Now I wonder are the left wing commentators and people like Nancy Pelosi going to come out against Michael Moore for inciting violence with his film.  I mean the Liberal commentators such as  MSNBC’s Keith Olberman, Chris Mathews, David Shuster  have said that conservative commentators that use empassioned rhetoric against current administration policies will be responsible and should be held accountable for inciting voilence should anything ever happen.  They even went so far as to implicate conservative talk show hosts should anyone ever harm the President.

Which is laughable because at every turn those same conservative commentators, Beck, Hannity, etc are coming out and stating clearly we need to fight this administrations policies throught the democratic process and through peaceful protest, not violence. We have heard nothing of this sort from Michael Moore have we? Or any of the liberal Main Stream Media, do you see Keith Olberman decrying the violence at the G20? Hardly.

P.S.-Ok well it hasn’t been for want that I haven’t posted, working full time and College full time is very time consuming.

  1. ArmedBear says:

    I’m sure Michael Moore is wetting himself because he’s so pleased that the lib protesters have damaged evil capitalist businesses.

    re: P.S.: excuses excuses… 😀

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