Barack Obama is on the TV again, preaching to the choir.

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

That is all he can do is preach to the choir, at the AFL-CIO conference in Cincinati, Ohio.  God forbid he spoke to an audience that didn’t sound like an Obama rally.  He rails against opponents of his Health Care plan as having no alternative.  The problem with this statement is the same problem most of us face from our “so called representatives” at town hall forums, they are so busy putting forth their agendas that they don’t want to hear what America really wants.   We want our Health care system to be made better not fundamental change of it, we want tort reform, we want legislation like Sen. Demints Health Care Freedom Plan, we want a Senior Health Care Bill of Rights but these aren’t the things you see getting play on the Liberal run media, in fact I’m very suprised that CNN even had a story on that.  

Hey Politicians wake up, because America is starting to wake up and we don’t want your Socialist agenda, you’ve been exposed for what you really are.

  1. I’m getting sick of everybody calling this Health Care “Reform”. Let’s call this what it IS: Government Health Care.. Socialized Medicine.. WHICH EVER!! Just call it what it IS!! Don’t sugar-coat it!! This is that New-Speak thing I’ve been railing about! Orwell is pounding on the roof of his coffin, yelling “I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!”

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