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Here’s those right wing violent protestors holding signs and chanting! Oh..wait..No..oops that’s a malatov cocktail flying by, and business windows being smashed in and cop cars being destroyed, I’m sorry these are Left wing nut job violent protestors.  Who would of guessed?

Funny how these violent protests happened a day after avowed Socialist Michael Moore’s premier for Captialism: A Love Story, perhaps fueling the vitirol in these protestors, is Michael Moore complicit with the violence that happened in Pittsburgh during the G20 meeting? He hasn’t come out against the violence so he must be. Now I wonder are the left wing commentators and people like Nancy Pelosi going to come out against Michael Moore for inciting violence with his film.  I mean the Liberal commentators such as  MSNBC’s Keith Olberman, Chris Mathews, David Shuster  have said that conservative commentators that use empassioned rhetoric against current administration policies will be responsible and should be held accountable for inciting voilence should anything ever happen.  They even went so far as to implicate conservative talk show hosts should anyone ever harm the President.

Which is laughable because at every turn those same conservative commentators, Beck, Hannity, etc are coming out and stating clearly we need to fight this administrations policies throught the democratic process and through peaceful protest, not violence. We have heard nothing of this sort from Michael Moore have we? Or any of the liberal Main Stream Media, do you see Keith Olberman decrying the violence at the G20? Hardly.

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When they can not refute the facts presented by Conservatives; like Hannity, Beck, Levin, even when those facts are proven by the very words of those they oppose.  When they finally realize their claims that the conservatives, libertarians, independents, even traditional democrats and Americans of all races and creeds that are showing up at these 9/12 and tea party protests are ‘Astro-turf’, when those claims no longer hold water. They call us “Racists”.

Today on CNN Newsroom Don Lemon ‘s guest called Glenn Beck and all the tea party protestors racists. That fact that a CNN anchor would even let someone broadly make defamatory claims like that against people who don’t support this administrations socialist agenda and political views are a bad reflection on the level of journalism that CNN is now producing.  He said it was the elephant in the room and that when Bill Maher started talking “the race issue’ (i.e. code word for them calling all those at the 9/12 protests racists) he was glad that someone started talking about it.  Well you already can glean that Don Lemon is a flaming liberal from the fact that he views, Bill Maher as a sane credible person. 

 Don Lemon’s Twitter account said he received, while on vacation all the emails, tweets and facebook postings about the racism at tea parties, and he asked people to respond to the question of racism and the tea party protestors.  So this is how CNN get’s their news now?  From unverified and obvious biased facebook and twitter postings, how does this even make it on a national news channel? Just a bit of evidence of how biased CNN really is.  Well I urge everyone to do just that, flood his twitter and facebook with evidence that we are not racists because we oppose the administration’s socialist and communist agenda. 

I have been to a few town halls and tea parties and not once was there any racist undertone, innuendo or anything close to it.  There was no one there making racists remarks disparaging Barack Obama’s racial background, and to be honest it would not be tolerated there.  If a good Conservative that was African American ran for President I would have no problem voting for him. I wouldn’t be wholly opposed to Michael Steele running for President, he’d be a million times better for our country than Barack Obama.

It just shows me they really are on their last leg argumentatively speaking.  They can not refute the facts, they can not drown out our voice, and they’ve tried personal attacks to try to shut us up.  It hasn’t worked, they have now stooped to trying to diminish our voice by labeling us racists, and again this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Stand strong fellow Americans, it just shows they have no more ammunition intellectually and they had a small arsenal to begin with.

That is all he can do is preach to the choir, at the AFL-CIO conference in Cincinati, Ohio.  God forbid he spoke to an audience that didn’t sound like an Obama rally.  He rails against opponents of his Health Care plan as having no alternative.  The problem with this statement is the same problem most of us face from our “so called representatives” at town hall forums, they are so busy putting forth their agendas that they don’t want to hear what America really wants.   We want our Health care system to be made better not fundamental change of it, we want tort reform, we want legislation like Sen. Demints Health Care Freedom Plan, we want a Senior Health Care Bill of Rights but these aren’t the things you see getting play on the Liberal run media, in fact I’m very suprised that CNN even had a story on that.  

Hey Politicians wake up, because America is starting to wake up and we don’t want your Socialist agenda, you’ve been exposed for what you really are.

Man’s Finger Bitten Off During Fight at Health Care Rally – Political News –

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So maybe this is the violence that liberal bloggers and NBC/GE have been warning us about?  Oh, but we see who the real thugs are, SEIU obama supporters being the first thugs that were bused in to intimidate disenters, this being just another example of the left intimidating those that oppose their views?  Liberals are supporters of free speech only when it agrees with their own distorted views.